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Chitrakot Waterfalls
1. JAGDALPUR - Jagdalpur is well known for its greenery, filled with lush green mountains, deep valleys, dense forests, streams, waterfalls, caves, natural parks, magnificent monuments, rich natural resources, magic herbs, exuberant festivity and blissful solitude, Bastar, the very name spells magic, conjures up images of the royal past and the tribes.

Places to visit in and around Jagdalpur:-

  • Kanger Valley National Park
  • Indravati National Park
  • Danteshwari Temple
  • Temples in Barsoor
  • The Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple
  • Chitrakote Falls
  • Tirathgarh Waterfalls
  • Chitradhara Waterfalls
  • Tamra Ghoomar Waterfalls
  • Mandawa Waterfalls
  • Kanger Dhara
  • Kotumsar Caves
  • Kailash Caves
  • Dalpat Sagar Lake

2. KORBA - Korba is the power capital of the newly formed state Chhattisgarh. Korba is blessed with lush green forest cover, where a sizeable number of tribal population is found. The Adivaisis in the forest areas live in tandem with the environment and have retained their distinctive cultural characteristics and traditional observances Korba is often referred as the Industrial Hub of Chhattisgarh.

Places to visit in and around Korba:-

  • Madwarani Mandir
  • Kudurmal
  • Chaithurgarh Fort
  • Devapahari Waterfall
  • Shiv Mandir
  • Sarvamangala Temple
  • Kendai Waterfalls

3. BILASPUR - Bilaspur district is not only famous in Chhattisgarh but in India due to its unique characteristics like rice quality, Kosa industry and its cultural background. Bilaspur district has a major contribution in the naming "Dhan Ka Katora" for the entire Chhattisgarh region.

Places to visit in and around Bilaspur:-

  • Sirpur
  • Narmada River and Son River
  • Kanan Pendari Zoo
  • Lord Vishnu Temple
  • Lakshmaneswar Temple
  • Sheorinarayan with Lord Rama temple.
  • Mahamaya Temple, Ratanpur.
  • Rani Sati Temple
  • Khudiya Dam Lormi
  • Khutaghat Dam Ratanpur
  • Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary

Mainpat Hill Station
4. AMBIKAPUR - Ambikapur is a city in the Surguja district. The name of the city is derived from the goddess Ambika (Mahamaya) Devi, which is the central place of workship of the area.

Places to visit in and around Ambikapur:-

  • Mainpat Hill Station
  • Tiger Point Waterfall
  • Buddha Temple

Rajpuri Waterfall
5. JASHPUR - Jashpur was a princely State before independence. Jashpur is rich with dense forest and green flora. Lush green terrain and valleys present elegant natural beauty.

Places to visit in and around Jashpur:-

  • Rajpuri Waterfall
  • Kailash gupha
  • Danpuri Waterfall
  • Rani Dah waterfall
  • Bhringraj Waterfall
  • Mahagirja Ghar
  • Snake Park
  • Khuriarani Cave
  • Badalkhol Abhyaran
  • Gullu waterfall

Kamla Nehru Park
6. RAIGARH. - Raigarh is known as cultural capital and industrial capital of chhattisgarh.

Places to visit in and around Raigarh:-

  • Ram Jharna
  • Gomarda Abhiyaran
  • Gaurishankar Mandir
  • Shayam Mandir
  • Banjari Mandir
  • Kamla Nehru Park
  • Haritima
  • Indira Vihar
  • Rose Garden